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Changed to social bookmarking via AddThis
Full functionality restored, as directed.
Added functionality for visitors not using Javascript.
Added coding to help visitors get Flash plug in.
Changed image of Ron next to homepage keyboard.
Posted revised version including Ron's intro and Flash music samples.
Revised buttons for clarity and uniformity.
Posted version 2.0 to the web.
Added Sitemap and Repertoire pages.
Added this What's New page to new version.
Reworked fonts.
Reworked homepage layout for browser compatability.
Also modified photo gallery.
Added Booking Form, Booking Thank You, Guest Register, Add a Guest, Tell a Friend, Privacy and Copyright pages to new version.
Added new copy to homepage about venues, testimonials, booking form.
Moved JavaScript to external file for search engine performance.
Added Suggestion page to new version.
Revised homepage layout.
Edited new images, created photo gallery, including custom page header.
Created new menu graphics.
Scanned new images for the photo gallery.
Created new Ron Gold Music logo to match large business card.
Created preliminary version of new homepage.
Added Affiliates page and made Sponsor banner.
Fixed Bookmark Us feature to work in Netscape.
Added Frank Piazza quote to homepage.
Added sound to loading of homepage, then removed it.
New logo: Music by Pianist Ron Gold:
Revised page header: Music by Pianist Ron Gold.
New meta tags and search engine registration.
Added Photo Gallery and homepage photo of Ron at the grand.
Added banner ad for Ron's appraisal website to the homepage.
Changed site title.
Edited homepage copy.
Ron Gold Music goes live; preliminary webpages posted.
Set up email accounts.
Registered site with ICRA for parental filtering.
Added Recommend Us form.
Added Guest Register.
Added Suggestion Box.
Added Copyright Notice.
Added Privacy Policy.
Added this What's New page.

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